The wide range of window blinds, colours and patterns shall give satisfaction to any taste.

..:: vertical blinds ::..

Vertical blinds - fabric, PVC, aluminium.
Window blinds are increasingly used as an alternative solution complementing or fully substituting traditional curtains. Here you will find various window blinds for your home, office, villa, hotel or establishment creating cosy atmosphere, comfort and aesthetic beauty in your daily life

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..:: horizontal blinds ::..

Venetian blinds - 16 and 25 mm. aluminium slats.
Horizontal blinds called also Venetian blinds are practical, easily adjusted and low-cost solution. They are mounted on the window frame without affecting its insulation properties. Width of aluminium slats is 16mm or 25mm.

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..:: roller blinds ::..

Roller blinds are well-known product on the market. They are made of one-piece fabric that is wound on a roller. They are easy to install and maintenance, practical and functional products. Light control is made by drawing down to desired position.

..:: pleated blinds ::..

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