You have already decided to replace your old windows and doors with new ones and you are looking for the best solution. We offer you products of proved quality of the leading companies in this branch. The German manufacturers of PVC profiles for doors and windows - TROCAL, KBE and VEKA are world famous companies with no compromise to quality.

We offer the products of:

» TROCAL - German manufacture, five-chamber PVC profile
» VEKA - German manufacture, four and five-chamber PVC profile
» VIVA PLAST - four and five-chamber PVC profile
» ETEM - Greece, aluminium profiles for doors and windows

Doors and windows with PVC profiles manufactured by "trocal"

"Dekor plus" Ltd. has the pleasure of introducing a PVC system that quickly held its place on the Bulgarian market, manufactured with the profiles of TROCAL - Germany, certified on ISO 9001 – 2000. TROCAL is five-chamber 70mm PVC profile with heat resistance "Uf = 1,3 W/m2K" a prerequisite for excellent noise and heat insulation. Built-in profile seals provide better insulation against wind, water and dust. High quality double glazing is also placing great importance to these qualities, the machine-made double glazing with a depth 24mm (two 4+4 float glass) keeps rooms temperature high and at the same time reduces the risk of condensation on the very same glass. Properties of double glazing have great importance: width 24mm, U-factor (heat insulation) W/m2K=2.7, noise insulation dB=30, visible transmittance = 81%. Available colours of profiles: white, golden or dark oak, mahogany, walnut, pine, ivory and grey. "TROCAL" systems are easy to clean and have high resistance features to weather conditions. Locking systems of "WINKHAUS" - Germany we offer has two-way (tilt and turn) swinging and protection mechanism for improper swinging in.

Windows and doors with the PVC profiles of "viva plast"

Windows and doors with the PVC profiles of "veka"

Doors and windows of aluminium profiles of "etem"

We offer aluminium door and window system of profiles made by ETEM - Greece. Series Etem A-1000 aluminium cold profile is ideal for glazing shops, terraces, doors of indoor and outdoor premises, bathroom doors etc. Series Etem E-40 is made with thermal bridge (PVC material) that fully insulates external and interior part of profile and allows installation of tilt and turn locking system. This profile may successfully replace PVC profiles and not to forget its better strength (does not age, resistant to climatic changes and weather freaks). Main colours are white and golden oak (foiled) but we may also offer you any colour on RAL chart.

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