Horizontal blinds called also Venetian blinds are practical, easily adjusted and low-cost solution. They are mounted on the window frame without affecting its insulation properties. Width of aluminium slats is 16mm or 25mm. Bottom frame can be permanently fixed to prevent swinging of blinds in draught or when open the window.


Width of slats 25 mm.
white - 15 lv./per sq.m.
coloured - 16 lv./per sq.m.

Taking measures within Burgas - free of charge
Delivery of samples to client`s address at his convenience - free of charge
Installation - 3 lv. per item
Bottom fixture for windows and doors /at your request/ - 1 lv./pc.
Side control for windows and doors / at your request / - 4 lv./pc.
Blinds sized up to 0.5 sq.m. are calculated as for 0.5 sq.m.
Delivery in 5 to 10 workdays
Upon order client pays 50% advance payment


Inquiry, information and order:
gsm. 0877 389 828

Venetian blinds Venetian blinds burgas